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Let’s get something straight. If marketing doesn’t increase sales, you’re doing it wrong.

Content that refuses to blend in. Content marketing shouldn’t lurk in the background of your website, pretending to contribute to some antiquated, made-up SEO algorithm. Blending in doesn’t break barriers, and good content won’t fathom blending in. Good content reflects your business’ brand and reaches out to the right people: potential customers. Through a strategic content creation and dissemination process, Hatchet will transform the way your business shares content, setting you apart from the competition.

We don’t tolerate fluff, hogwash or bullshit. Whatever you call it, it’s an antonym of Hatchet. All of the content that we write for our clients serves a direct, strategic purpose. We’re big fans of a rugged, blue-collar Indianapolis tongue. That means fewer words and more action. Our content is directed at one thing: helping you meet sales goals.

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Keyword Research & Building Blog Content

Quality content must be optimized for search engines, in order to rank well on Google and reach a wide audience, and connect with human readers in a meaningful way so that said audience will share the useful content with others. We use Google analytics to identify highly-searched topics that fit with your industry and strategy. Our professional copywriters then use those topics to continuously build engaging blog content. With these strategies, your content will not only reach the right people but also resonate with those readers — building your brand’s credibility and cultivating a following of prospective clients.

Content Calendar Creation

Great content is useless if it is not promulgated in a thoughtful and strategic way. Creating a content calendar ensures that your various digital marketing efforts are cohesive with your sales goals. Your blog content should continually evolve with your business; your advertisements and promotions should be supported by your blog content. Hatchet effectively plans and coordinates your content dissemination in light of a larger sales & marketing strategy: to produce to leads.